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Emerhub’s team expedites obtaining work visas and permits in Vietnam for professionals seeking job opportunities or businesses hiring foreign employees. Experience a quick and hassle-free journey toward work authorization with us.


Visa applications and renewals made simple with Emerhub in Vietnam

Consulting on the right visa type

Our expert team provides personalized visa solutions that are customized to your specific requirements, ensuring that you have the right visa type for your professional or business needs in Vietnam.

Extending and renewing visas

Emerhub handles the hassle of visa extensions, and renewals, and guarantees seamless transitions between visa types, ensuring your stay in Vietnam remains smooth and uninterrupted.

Convenient visa collection service

Enjoy the convenience of our visa collection service, allowing you to effortlessly obtain your visa from the Vietnamese embassy in your home country or upon arrival in Vietnam.

flexible pricing plans

Choose The Best Plan

Emerhub offers competitive pricing plans for visas and work permits in Vietnam

Business visa

$ 69


Discover the emerging technologies most relevant to your strategy by working.
  • Support Your Business
  • Revoke Dokument Access
  • Detailed Risk Profiling
  • Enter Unlimited Bils
  • Bank Transactions
  • Financial Strategy
Choose Plane
temporary residence card

$ 89


Discover the emerging technologies most relevant to your strategy by working.
  • Support Your Business
  • Revoke Dokument Access
  • Detailed Risk Profiling
  • Enter Unlimited Bils
  • Bank Transactions
  • Financial Strategy
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Unlock business opportunities in Vietnam with visa exemption

Vietnam not only welcomes tourists but also offers visa exemption for business travelers from select countries. This opens up exciting opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs to explore the thriving business landscape of Vietnam.

With visa exemption, you can attend conferences, engage in business negotiations, and explore potential partnerships without the hassle of obtaining a visa. From major economies like Japan and Germany to neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand, the visa exemption list covers a wide range of nations. Ensure your passport meets the validity requirements and blank page criteria to embark on a seamless business journey to Vietnam. Reach out to Emerhub to know more about Vietnam visa exemption.

Vietnam visa process by Emerhub

Emerhub offers a streamlined visa application process for those looking to travel or work in Vietnam. Our detailed approach to visa application ensures that all documents are accurately prepared and submitted on time, leading to faster visa approvals. Let Emerhub handle your Vietnam visa process and enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Application preparation

Emerhub prepares visa applications collects relevant documents, and then fills out the necessary applications to expedite the process.


Application submission

Once the application is complete, Emerhub takes care of submitting the application to the Immigration Department, ensuring a smooth and efficient submission process.


Visa approval

Emerhub notifies the clients as soon as it receives approval from the Department of Immigration in Vietnam.


Visa delivery

The final step in the process is visa delivery. Clients can either choose to collect their visa from the Vietnam embassy or receive it upon arrival in the country.

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Most Popular Questions

Have questions about visas for Vietnam? Find the answers you need in our FAQ section.

What are the types of visas and permits available and their cost?
  1. Business Visa $1,000
  2. Work Permit: $750
  3. Temporary Resident Card $750
What are the requirements to obtain a business visa, work permit & TRC?
  • For Business Visa, Work Permit& TRC: Being hired by/ Owning a company registered in Vietnam.
  • Business Visa: No requirement if applying for a new business Visa. However, if the person is currently staying in Vietnam under a different Visa, they will have to exit and then re-enter the country.
  • Work Permit: No special requirements for Director level positions. If applying for a Work Permit for an employee, then the person must have a relevant bachelor’s degree and above, or certified proof of working experience.
  • Temporary Resident Card: must have a residential address in Vietnam. The person must also obtain the residential certification from the local Vietnamese ward police, as well as be physically present in Vietnam while applying for this permit.
How long does it take to obtain these permits?

Business Visa: 4-6 weeks Work Permit: 4-6 weeks TRC: 2-3 weeks

Can I apply for these permits before registering the company/ signing the labor contract with a Vietnamese company?

You are only eligible to apply for these once your company is completely registered/ and you are officially employed with a labor contract.

Can I apply for the TRC first and the work permit after?

Only investors apply for the TRC without obtaining a work permit first. Otherwise, the person must first acquire the work permit and then apply for TRC later.

Can I use my work permit and TRC to sponsor my family?

Yes, the family can be sponsored given the proof of family relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.). The family Visa validity will be in accordance with the TRC of the person.


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