Guide to hiring employees in Vietnam

Guide to hiring employees in Vietnam

Complete guide to hiring employees in Vietnam. From taxation to salary standards, here's everything you need to know about having employees in Vietnam.

Minimum and average wages

The minimum national wage in Vietnam is 1,490,000 VND. However, in many regions, the minimum wage is significantly higher.

Regional minimum wage in Vietnam

RegionExamplesMinimum salary (VND)
IHo Chi Minh City, Hanoi4,420,000
IIDa Nang, Hai Phong, Hue3,920,000
IIINon-urban areas3,430,000
IVUnder-developed or remote areas3,070,000

Average salaries in Vietnam

Vietnam has huge regional differences when it comes to an average salary and therefore it’s only useful to look at typical salaries in the most popular hiring destinations of the country:

  • Ho Chi Minh City –  $600-800
  • Hanoi – $500-700
  • Da Nang – $400-$500
  • Hai Phong – $350-$450
  • Hue – $350-$450