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Legal Challenges of Your Remote Workers in Southeast Asia

Remote workers in Southeast Asia face many challenges. Here’s what you can do to make sure your remote worker is happy and satisfied.

Coming Back to Bali

Indonesia recently opened its borders again. We asked Jonathon Burgess, an Australian entrepreneur, to share his experience of returning to Bali.

Why You Should Expand Your Tech Business to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is new hotspot for tech companies. Here’s why you should expand your IT business to Indonesia, Vietnam, or the Philippines.

Cosmetic Product Registration in Indonesia: What You Need to Know

You need to register cosmetic products before you can distribute or sell them in Indonesia. Below you will find the process and some key information about cosmetic product registration in Indonesia.

Overseas Visa Application to Enter Indonesia

It is once again possible to enter Indonesia. Indonesia now allows overseas visa application for foreign nationals who meet certain conditions.

Using Importer of Record Service to Import Goods to Southeast Asia

Import goods into Southeast Asia even without any import licenses.

Investing in Lombok property

Investing in Lombok Real Estate

Lombok may be less known than its neighboring island Bali but has plenty of property investment opportunities regardless

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