Tax and accounting solutions in the Philippines with Emerhub

Our skilled accountants guarantee timely tax filing of your business. We assist in maintaining compliance and staying up-to-date with license fee exemptions, tax declarations, and more through our expert support. As you concentrate on growing your business, we ensure that taxes are paid on time to avoid any potential penalties.


Discover how we streamline your tax and accounting processes

Monthly bookkeeping and reporting

Emerhub maintains accurate records of all financial transactions and logs reports such as trial balances, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets of your business.

Periodical reporting and tax payment

We ensure timely payment and reporting of Value Added Tax (VAT), Personal Income Tax (PIT), and Corporate Income Tax (CIT) to the local authorities in the Philippines.

Financial statement and audit reports

Emerhub's financial experts conduct thorough audits of your company's financial statements and provide a complete overview of financial performance.

Tax incentives for foreign investors in the Philippines

Foreign investors in the Philippines can benefit from tax incentive programs to boost their engagement in priority development areas. Agencies like PEZA, BOI, CEZA, and TIEZA administer these incentives. PEZA offers tax holidays, duty-free imports, and other benefits for export-focused businesses. BOI provides tax holidays, exemptions, and special privileges for BPO and priority industries. CEZA offers tax holidays, duty-free imports, and special privileges for tourism and recreation. TIEZA provides tax holidays and customs duty exemptions for tourism-related businesses. These incentives aim to attract foreign investment and drive economic growth in the Philippines.

Tax and accounting process

We offer services designed to simplify the process of tax and accounting in the Philippines. From initial registration to ongoing record-keeping, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to help your business thrive.


Initial consultation

We start by conducting an initial consultation to understand your business and its specific tax and accounting needs. This helps us develop a customized solution tailored to your unique requirements.


Setup and registration

Emerhub helps you set up your business and register with the relevant government agencies. This includes obtaining your business registration and tax identification number (TIN), as well as registering for any necessary permits and licenses.


Bookkeeping and accounting

Our team of experts will handle all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs, including recording all financial transactions, reconciling accounts, and preparing financial statements.


Tax compliance

Emerhub prepares and files your tax returns on time, manages tax payments, and responds to any tax-related queries or audits.


Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support to ensure that your business continues to meet its tax and accounting requirements. This includes regular reviews of your financial statements, advice on tax planning and optimization, and assistance with any new tax or accounting regulations that may affect your business.

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Most Popular Questions

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What tax and accounting services do you offer in the Philippines?

We offer a wide range of tax and accounting services in the Philippines, including bookkeeping, tax compliance, payroll processing, financial statement preparation, and audit services.

How much do your tax and accounting services cost?

Our pricing depends on the specific services you require and the complexity of your business operations. We offer competitive pricing and customized packages to fit your budget.

Do you offer customized solutions to fit my business needs?

Do you offer customized solutions to fit my business needs?

How can a tax and accounting service provider help me save money on my taxes?

A tax and accounting service provider can help you identify tax deductions and credits that you may be eligible for, as well as advise you on tax-efficient strategies for your business. They


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