Business Permit Renewal in the Philippines

Here's what you need to know about annual business permit renewal in the Philippines.


business permit renewal philippines

Businesses in the Philippines need valid and up to date permits to continue operations. It is important to stay on top of business permit renewal in the Philippines to avoid the corresponding penalties.

For this article, we will focus on permits that require annual renewal. We’ll discuss the deadline and process to renew these permits. We will also explain the penalties for businesses that fail to renew their permits.

Which permits in the Philippines require annual renewal?

Of the documents obtained when you register a company in the Philippines, the following require annual renewal:

  • Barangay (village) permit
  • Mayor’s permit (also known as the business permit)
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) registration

What is the deadline for business permit renewal in the Philippines?

The deadline to renew the barangay permit and mayor’s permit is January 22. Note, however, that the local government has the authority to change this date. The BIR registration renewal deadline is January 30.

DocumentDeadline for renewal
Barangay permitJanuary 22
Mayor’s/Business permitJanuary 22
BIR registrationJanuary 30

These dates apply to all businesses regardless of the date of establishment. As such, even companies registered in December must renew their permits in January.

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Requirements for Business Permit Renewal in the Philippines

Barangay Permit Renewal

The requirements for barangay permit renewal are the following:

  • Previous barangay permit (the original and a copy)
  • The receipt for the payment of the previous barangay permit (the original and a copy)
  • Completed application form

Mayor’s/Business Permit Renewal

An authorized representative must submit the following documents for business permit renewal:

  • New barangay permit
  • Your previous business permit (the original and a copy)
  • The receipt for your payment of the previous business permit (the original and a copy)
  • Your income statement from the previous year
  • Lease contract covering your stay until next year
  • Local insurance
  • Community tax certificate (CTC) otherwise known as cedula

BIR Registration Renewal

To apply for BIR registration renewal, you must prepare BIR form No. 0605.

Note that all submissions must be in person. An authorized representative must go to each government office to fulfill requirements. It is not possible to renew these documents online.

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How long does it take to renew a business permit in the Philippines?

Renewing each document involves going to separate government agencies. As such, the entire process from preparing documents to submission will take several days. Our consultants advise preparing for renewal in advance to avoid missing the deadline. 

Failure to renew your permits will result in penalties. We discuss the penalties for late or no renewal below.

What are the consequences of late or no renewal?

Failure to renew your barangay and business permits, as well as your BIR registration will result in penalties. The rates for the penalties are as follows:

  • A 25% surcharge on any unpaid taxes, fees, and charges;
  • A 2% monthly interest on anything left unsettled until the company pays the debts, including the surcharge

Continuing to operate without valid permits for an extended period of time is a serious violation. In such cases, the LGU has the authority to confiscate your assets. The LGU also has the power to stop your business activities until you settle any outstanding debts.

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