Register a foreign company in the Philippines

Start operating in the Philippines in 2-4 weeks. No local shareholders required.

Trusted by hundreds of companies around the world for setting up companies in Southeast Asia

The process of setting up a company in the Philippines

The entire registration process, including the local permits, takes about four weeks once we have gathered all the required documents from you.


  1. Collecting shareholder data

    Emerhub collects the data required to submit the corporation registration application.

  2. Business License from SEC (2 weeks)

    Once you receive the license you can start operating your company – hiring employees, sign contracts, open a corporate bank account.

  3. Local business permit approval (7 working days)

    The local business permit is granted by the local government unit based on where you register your corporation.

  4. Certificate of Registration from Bureau Of Internal Revenue (1-2 working days)

    Bureau Of Internal Revenue is the local tax authority. Once your business permit is approved, BIR will issue your Certificate of Registration.

Key requirements for setting up a company in the Philippines

2-15 founding shareholders

Both private and corporate shareholders are accepted.

Some industries require a director that is a local citizen.

No capital required for export activities

The standard minimum capital is 200,000 USD.

However, if you sell products or services outside of the country you will qualify as an export company and won’t have any capital requirements.

Treasurer and a corporate secretary

Treasurer acts as a company officer, and is involved with the company’s financial matters.

Corporate Secretary is an officer who takes care of the company’s corporate maintenance.

Additionally, the corporation requires a registered address that can be provided by Emerhub.

Keep your focus on business growth while we handle the bureaucracy for you

Setting up a domestic corporation is just the first step. Your real objective is to run successful operations in the Philippines.

Once your corporation is registered, we will assist you with payroll management, hiring staff and tax compliance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and we will be happy to explain to you how your company will become operational in the Philippines in no time.


Contact us to register your corporation in the Philippines

Tell us briefly about your planned business activities in the Philippines and our consultants will get back to you to set up a meeting or give you a quote.

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