Register a foreign company in Bali

Set up a company in Bali (a PT PMA) with up to 100% foreign ownership.

Start operating in Bali in 4-12 weeks depending on the business classification.

Emerhub has registered hundreds of companies in Indonesia since 2011

We are here in Bali to help your business succeed.

Emerhub has been working with foreign companies doing business in Indonesia since 2011.

By combining the local know-how with our international service standards you get the best of the both worlds. The understanding of what you as an expat need and the local experience to get it done.

Bali may be a tropical paradise but you can expect the same level of professionalism as in all our other markets.

Let’s meet and discuss how we can work together.

Emerhub has been very supportive. Easy to reach. Whenever we need signatures or contact Emerhub for anything, we get a quick response.

Yoseano Wibisono, Finance Manager of GCP Applied Technologies Indonesia.
GCP Applied Technologies is a Fortune 1000 company listed in NYSE.

Key requirements for setting up a company in Bali

Registered address in Bali

Due to the decentralized government, different local areas in Bali set additional requirements for the businesses registered in their area.

At least two shareholders

A limited liability company is required to have at least two shareholders. Both private and corporate shareholders are allowed.

Additionally, you will need at least one commissioner (similar to a chairman) and a director.

Capital statement letter

A foreign company must present a capital statement letter for at least 2.5 Billion IDR (roughly 200,000 USD).

Bali follows the same corporate law as the rest of Indonesia. However, the final decision-making is with the local municipalities which means that there are subtle differences even within Bali itself. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your industry and business location.

The process of company registration in Bali

  • Tell us about your planned business activities in Bali

  • We collect all the required information and file the application

  • Your company is registered in 4-12 weeks

  • Receive additional industry-specific licenses (if required)

We are expatriates in Bali, just like you

Here’s the story of our general manager Triin Tigane who went from being an up-and-coming corporate lawyer in Europe to pursue her passions for surfing, law, and business in Bali.

Contact us to register a company in Bali

Tell us briefly about your planned business activities in Bali and our consultants will reach out to you to discuss the details.

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