How to Import IT Equipment Into Indonesia?

Using Importer of Record (IOR) to get your IT equipments to Indonesia



There are strict rules and regulations for importing goods into Indonesia. Importing goods into the country can be a very challenging task. This is especially true when it comes to importing IT equipment which has specific requirements. Whether you’re bringing in computers for your office or importing GPS trackers for vehicles, you will have to follow the regulations set for importing IT equipment.

To import IT equipment into Indonesia, you can use an importer of record (IOR) or set up your own company in the country and acquire an import license.

Each of these options has a different procedure and a different set of requirements. In this article, we discuss these processes and requirements in detail.

Importer of Record in Indonesia

An importer of record (IOR) is an entity that will be responsible for your shipment by acting as your consignee. This is a third-party that already has import licenses which means you will not have to apply for licenses or permits yourself.

If you want to start importing immediately or if your core business does not involve trading IT equipment, this is the best option for you.

An experienced importer of record, like Emerhub, will handle and manage your shipment properly.  Your importer of record will make sure your shipment is not held at customs and will settle any taxes and duties on your goods.

Procedure for Importing IT Equipment Into Indonesia Using IOR

When importing IT equipment, you will need to prepare the commercial invoice and packing list of the shipment. When the documents are ready, you can ship your goods. 

Upon arrival in Indonesia, your goods will go through customs. As your importer of record, Emerhub will ensure that this process goes smoothly.

If you have a shipment stuck in customs, we can assist you with that as well.

Setting up a company to import IT Equipment

Another way to import IT equipment into Indonesia is to set up your own company. Along with registering your business, you must also get an import license. Starting a company and getting an import license takes about 6 months and requires paid-up capital.

Because this method takes quite a long time to set up, you should only consider this option if importing will be part of your main business activities.

Watch the video below to learn about the key aspects of setting up a company in Indonesia:

There are a few mistakes you can make when you set up a company in Indonesia. Our consultants are ready to help you so you can avoid these mistakes. Fill out the form below and someone will get in touch with you.

An alternative is to set up a trading representative office (KP3A).

Import license for IT Equipment in Indonesia

You will need an import license before you can bring anything into the country. For IT equipment, your company will need the API-U import license or General Import license. 

SDPPI/POSTEL Certificate

In addition to one the API-U, you will need the SDPPI approval or POSTEL certificate. This is specific to electronics and IT products.

IT equipment requiring POSTEL certificate:

  • Handheld gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or PDAs;
  • Servers, routers, or switches
  • GPS trackers

You can get a POSTEL certificate for your device through device testing or document testing. Device testing is when you send your device to Indonesia for testing at the SDPPI facilities. Document testing is when you send the results from a previous certification test done outside of Indonesia. However, document testing is not available for all goods.

You will also have to submit the following documents when you apply for a POSTEL certificate:

  • Technical documents or brochures of the goods;
  • Letter of appointment as the registrar or importer
  • For document testing, test results for:
    • Radio frequency;
    • Electromagnetic compatibility

It would also be best to hire local staff who have knowledge of import procedures.

Let’s discuss the best way for you to import your IT equipment to Indonesia. Get in touch with Emerhub by filling the form below or directly on our import page.

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