Investigating your potential partners is an indispensable step before committing to any investments. Learn how to access and use Emerhub’s new company registry in Indonesia to check the background of your chosen entities.

What information does the company registry in Indonesia include?

Company registry in Indonesia contains specific data about Indonesian entities and grounds on the Indonesian Company Law 40 of 2007 for Limited Liability Companies. As a foreigner who is planning to conduct business in Indonesia, you can use this platform to carry out research or do some background check. For example, before you close deals with new partners or sign agreements.

Company profile provides valuable data

Accessing the main company information is simple, and you can even request further reports. The data is accessible to the public, and you will find it useful for several purposes. Emerhub’s company registry database allows you to look up the following information:

  • Name and domicile
  • Purpose and business activities as well as its address
  • The number and date of the deed of establishment and the Minister’s Decree concerning the ratification of the company

Original documents are commonly in Indonesian. However, from Emerhub’s database, you can request the information in English instead of having to translate the materials yourself.
company registry in indonesiaIn addition to the above, you can also look up the following:

  • The number and date of deeds of an amendment to the articles of association (AoA)
  • The name and domicile of the notaries who wrote the deed of establishment and deeds of amendment of the AoA
  • Contact details of company shareholders, members of the board of directors and board of commissioners
  • The number and date of the deed of winding up, or the number and date of the order of the court concerning the winding up of the company
  • Information on legal entity status expiration

company registry in indonesiaBesides analyzing a company profile, you can access reports on due diligence. This way you may calculate the risks and do your homework before the actual investment. We’ve dedicated an entire blog post on the importance of due diligence in emerging markets.

How to access the company registry?

By typing in relevant keywords in the field ‘search for a company,’ you will have results from our database appearing within seconds:

Finding information from Emerhub’s company registry is proven effective and user-friendly especially due to the short process cycle:
company registry in indonesiaAccessing the above data usually takes place by inserting an information request and buying a voucher from BKPM. Since it’s not convenient for foreign companies, we make requests on behalf of our customers. If you already know the company you want to search for, fill in the form and get a report submitted to you within one working day.

If you have additional questions, let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

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