An all-in-one app to hire and manage employees across Southeast Asia

Open new vacancies

Create new job openings on the go, or speak to an Emerhub Consultant to discuss your requirements

Shortlist and Hire sourced candidates

View candidates for your job posting; sourced and shortlisted by the Emerhub Team.

Onboard and manage employees

Streamline the hiring process from placing an offer to onboarding, and manage your employee affairs on the app.


Getting started with Emerhub’s Employer of Record services

Step 3: Emerhub signs an employment agreement with your employee.

Step 4: Manage your staff via Emerhub’s EOR App

Emerhub is a globally renowned market entry and HR services organization, with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets


All-in-one services: We offer a full range of services from recruitment and EOR to corporate secretarial services.

Convenience: A web app to easily open new vacancies and manage your existing employees.

Fastest Setup: Onboard your expert team within weeks.

Cost-effective: Highly competitive prices, the cost of an EOR employee starts from 150 USD/mo.

In-house teams: We do everything in-house in Southeast Asia instead of outsourcing work to third parties.

Future prospects: We convert your remote team into a company once it grows bigger (if needed) 

Emerhub’s consultants are very helpful, and they are always available to clarify things. They were also able to provide recommendations based on our specific case to ensure that we were fully covered legally.

Tracey Scheffler