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How can business visa holders stay in Vietnam long-term? 

Learn about your options to stay in Vietnam long-term

Importing aquafeed into Vietnam

Getting started with importing aquafeed into Vietnam

Fish, shrimps, and other types of seafood are some of the fastest-growing export items for Vietnam. However, with the rapid growth, the country is struggling to produce enough feed for the seafood. This creates abundant opportunities for foreign companies to import aquafeed into Vietnam.

Vietnam attracts more foreign Investment in Q2 2022

Despite challenging times in the world because of the pandemic and ongoing tensions between the United States and China, Vietnam’s economy has still proved to be one of the most resilient.

Importing Civil Cryptography Products into Vietnam

A guide to getting cryptography products into Vietnam

Tax Incentives for IT Companies in Vietnam: Which Sectors are Eligible?

There are tax incentives available for IT companies in Vietnam, but consultancy firms often give misleading advice about which IT operations qualify. Read on to find out which sectors are eligible and how you can secure the right tax break for your company.

5 in-demand products that are difficult to import into Vietnam

Vietnam’s customs and importation procedures are complex; find out how you can import products into Vietnam when even the most stringent requirements are in place.

Moving to Bali from Vietnam

Here’s why expats leaving Vietnam should consider a temporary move to Bali

While Vietnam has been outstanding at keeping the number of Covid-19 infections low, the increasing number of restrictions are causing many expats to reconsider whether it’s worth staying in Vietnam right now.

property in Vietnam

Expat Guide to Buying Property in Vietnam

Foreign investors can obtain the right to use land, which is very similar to having ownership rights.

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