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Business Classifications in the Philippines by foreign ownership

The twelfth foreign investment negative list dictates which companies can have foreign ownership in the Philippines, and their ownership percentages.

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Types of business entities in the Philippines for foreign investors

This blog post serves as a guide to give you a broad understanding of the options available and when to choose which type of business entity in the Philippines as a foreign investor.

The Philippines’ post-pandemic economic recovery and factors contributing to its growth

The Philippines’ post-pandemic economic recovery and factors contributing to its growth

The loosening of pandemic-related restrictions has led to a post-year-on-year GDP increase of 8.2 percent in the first quarter of 2022 and 7.4 percent during the 2nd quarter of 2022. The return of foreign investment is expected to contribute to the Philippines’ economic recovery, especially following the introduction of changes in the legislation.

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Why the Philippines is the Best Place to Recruit Your Outsourced Workforce

The Philippines is one of the top destinations for outsourced workforce in the world. Here’s why.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Remote Workers in the Philippines?

Learn about all the costs associated with hiring a Filipino remote employee.

Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Hiring a Virtual Assistant – 10+ reasons to look into the Philippines

Most executives don’t know how to get the most out of their virtual assistants. It’s a skill and it can be learned.


What is the best way to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

There are many ways to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines. Choose one that meets your objectives.

Outsourcing to the Philippines: How EOR outperforms BPO

There are several ways to outsource to the Philippines. This blog will explore where BPO’s fall short and how businesses looking to outsource to the Philippines can overcome these issues.

Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Staffing Solutions Commonly Outsourced to the Philippines

Find out why Google outsources over 50% of its employees and how this staffing solution saves them time money and provides them with the flexibility to innovate more quickly.

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