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How to Apply for a Visit Visa for Bali

Find out how you can apply for a business visa for Bali while you are outside Indonesia during COVID.

Do digital nomads in Bali need to pay taxes

Do Digital Nomads in Bali Need to Pay Taxes?

Does the tax law in Indonesia applies to digital nomads in Bali and do they need to pay taxes? Let us make that clear for you.

Living in Bali as a Digital Nomad

Many digital nomads call Bali home. What do you need to do to legally live in Bali while freelancing or working on an online business?

Huber and Angeloni on how to launch a restaurant in Bali with a 10x ROI

Huber and Angeloni on How to Launch a Restaurant in Bali With a 10x ROI

The owners of Sa’Mesa gave us insights during our talk about their journey of launching the restaurant in Bali and we have summed it up here.

Emerhub_Building a villa in Bali and what you need to know

Building a Villa in Bali and What You Need to Know

Know all the bureaucratic aspects that are often left disregarded when building a villa in Bali for vacation or long-term rental here.

6 Most Common Mistakes When Registering a Company in Bali

Understand the 6 most common mistakes when registering a company in Bali so you can know how to avoid them.

Registering a Company in Bali as a Foreigner

Learn the key requirements of a foreign-owned company registration in Bali here.

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