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Build a villa in Bali

How to build a villa in Bali as a foreigner

This article focuses on how to build a villa in Bali as a foreigner, whether it’s for your own use or you decide to become a property investor.

Opening a restaurant in Bali during the pandemic might not be as crazy as it sounds

Foreigners have been allowed to fully own restaurants in Bali since 2016 but the pandemic has been tough on the industry. Is now the time to open a restaurant in Bali?

Don’t Get Deported from Bali – Here’s What You Are Not Allowed to Do With a Retirement KITAS

Immigration recently deported a Dutch woman (DMDG, 58) from Bali. Find out what you can and cannot do with a retirement KITAS.

Combining Business with Community and Charity in Bali

Read the short interview transcript with Christopher and Tamir about combining their business with community involvement in Bali.

5 Common Mistakes When Hiring Freelancers in Bali

There are still many aspects to keep in mind. Read the common mistakes that can ruin your experience when hiring freelancers in Bali.

setting up diving center in Bali

How to Set Up a Diving Center in Bali

Good news if you’re interested in setting up a diving center in Bali. Diving center business is now open for foreign ownership.

What Managing Emerhub Bali During the Past 5 Years Has Taught Me

Here are some ideas to share about management and running a business in an emerging market from Emerhub’s former Bali branch manager.

Common Mistakes With Starting a Business in Bali

Emerhub’s Bali Branch Manager joined in on a deep-dive open-format Q&A of SpeakUp Monday. Below is a short transcript of the interview.

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