Bangladesh business visa is a convenient way to stay in Bangladesh for extended periods. It is solely intended for business activities such as conducting feasibility studies and setting up a new business.

One of the main benefits of a business visa is that it allows the holder to stay for six months, with a further extension of three to five years. As it is also a multiple-entry visa with unlimited entries, it is suitable for frequent visitors to the country.

In this article, we describe how you can get a business visa in Bangladesh and what are the requirements and allowed activities during your stay.

Who is eligible to apply for a business visa?

All foreign nationals, except Israeli passport holders, are eligible to apply for a business visa in Bangladesh. The purpose of the visit must be related to is trade, commerce or investment.

A business visa also requires an individual and a corporate sponsor. You need to submit invitation letters from a recognized business organization and a local sponsor from Bangladesh.

Business visa requirements

To successfully get a business visa in Bangladesh, you have to submit the required documents. These documents include:

  • A printed copy of the accomplished VISA application form (signed accordingly)
  • Most recent passport size photo
  • Original passport (must be valid for at least six months)
  • Letter of invitation from a Bangladeshi organization
  • Letter from the concerned business organization (with applicant’s employment status and purpose of visit in Bangladesh)

What are the allowed activities with a business visa?

The main restriction for a business visa is that you are not allowed to work and get employed in Bangladesh. However, you can use your business visa for various activities such as:

  • Meeting prospective business partners or associates
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Setting up a company
  • Visiting places for business establishment

A 30-day visa on arrival also allows you to enter Bangladesh for official duty or doing business, given that you have an invitation letter. However, unlike visa on arrival business visa is multiple-entry.

How to apply for a business visa in Bangladesh?

Acquiring a business visa is one of the easiest ways to stay and operate business activities in Bangladesh.

To obtain a business visa, you must apply along with a recommendation letter or a certificate. It should come from either local or foreign sponsors and business chambers or the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) and Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

The standard application time normally takes a maximum of seven working days. You can claim your visa at your closest foreign embassy of Bangladesh.

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Other long-term visas in Bangladesh

Aside from a business visa, Bangladesh also offers other long-term visas to choose from such as the employment and investment visa.

Investment visa

The primary purpose of an investment visa is to allow its holder to conduct and attend business meetings.

The validity of an investment visa is initially for one year, later on, you can have an extension of up to five years. The maximum length of stay per visit with an investment visa is three months.

Also note that if you have an ongoing USD 5 million investment in Bangladesh, you will receive the “No Visa Required” benefit.

Employment visa

Foreign nationals can work in Bangladesh only while holding an employment visa. An employment visa lasts initially for three months, but it is extendable for a total employment period. It also requires a corporate sponsor.

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