Bali has become a hotspot for world class electronic music. Many clubs in Bali have found success with the help of talented DJs. But can a foreigner work as a DJ in Bali?

Can foreigners become DJs in Bali?

We spoke to DJ Manu-L and he shared his experiences working in Bali as a DJ. “To work in Bali, you absolutely, strictly, need legal papers,” he advises. He also warns that working without the right permit, or KITAS, can lead to issues with immigration authorities.

Watch our video below to see more of our interview with DJ Manu-L.

What is the impresario KITAS for?

To work in Bali, DJs must apply for an impresario KITAS. However, this KITAS is not limited to DJs. This stay permit is available to a number of professions in entertainment, leisure, and sports. These include:

  • Models
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Film Directors
  • Diving Coach
  • Swimming Coach
  • Surfing Coach

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