Do you have products you wish to ship or export from Bali? Whether the shipment contains art, furniture, home decor or other items, the key is finding the most favorable way to export products from Bali.

This article demonstrates the easiest way to send products abroad from Bali –  undername export. Alternatively, we also show how to set up an export company if you have regular shipments.

Benefits of Using Undername Export to Send Your Items

The key benefit of using undername export is this being the fastest way to export your items from Bali. If not using this service, you would need to set up a company or use expensive courier services. Undername export allows you to skip setting up a company and apply for export licenses.

Instead, Emerhub takes full responsibility for delivering your items. Including handling the process with customs authorities. In addition to the above, an important benefit the undername export users experience is being able to export immediately.

Requirements for Customs in Bali

Undername export has only a few requirements, thus the process is very user-friendly. Opting for undername export in Bali takes you one step closer towards an enhanced and more convenient export logistics. As a professional service provider, Emerhub can handle your items and only needs the following for undername export:

  • Pro-forma invoice from the manufacturer/seller of goods – sensitive items requiring specific customs treatment (materials like specific wood, stones, etc.)
  • The packing is organized by Emerhub – making sure everything is in compliance with the requirements
  • Additional information depending on the type of goods

Set Up a Company to Export from Bali

An alternative to using undername export is exporting through your own company in Bali. If you do not own one now, you can set up a foreign-owned company (PT PMA) to export from Bali. Setting up a limited liability company (LLC) also requires paid up capital.

Set up a foreign-owned export company in Bali when you:

  • Meet the PT PMA requirements
  • Start earning profits out of export from Bali

Regards to minimum capital requirements you will find useful tips from our previous blog posts: Minimum Capital for PT PMA in Indonesia  and A Foreign-Owned Company Registration Guide.

Setting up a fully-functioning PT PMA for export may take more than 8 months. By this time your company will have all necessary documentation to successfully operate in Bali. This also gives you time to hire the local staff you need with experience in the field.

Choosing Correct Classifications for Your Export Company in Bali

If you export using a foreign-owned company (PT PMA) set up in the past, make sure it is compatible. The business classification for export must be “Trading for export”. Choose accurate classifications during company setup implying to the activities your business will engage in as adding them after is complex (being mostly time-consuming and costly).

All Foreign-owned Companies Do Not Qualify for Export

Not only is adding classifications costly and time-consuming. Adding classifications to your PT PMA in Bali is possible only in some cases. For example, if your classification is ”Management consulting” you can take up “Trading”. But having registered for “Hospitality”, export is not allowed.

Do not hesitate on getting in touch with Emerhub Bali and letting us know about the items you wish to export from Bali. Either using undername export or setting up a company, our team is here to offer a customized solution based on years of knowledge and experience.

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