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Accounting and tax services

Emerhub offers various accounting and tax services to businesses of all sizes. Our priority is to let our clients focus on their core business while we make sure that the business complies with all the regulations.

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Setting up accounts
  • Maintaining general ledger
  • Processing invoices and recording transactions
  • Making payments on behalf of the company
  • Preparation of management accounts (profit and loss, balance sheet, cashflow and income statements)
  • Converting management accounts to an international currency

Tax reporting and compliance

  • Monthly and yearly tax reporting
  • Tax accounting
  • Statutory financial statements


  • Setting up records of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses and applicable taxes
  • Health and old age saving insurance calculations
  • Processing payroll payments

Emerhub’s accounting teams consist of experienced accountants that have the experience of handling clients of different sizes. Contact us to find the best solution for your accounting and tax needs.

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