Easily hire full-time employees in Southeast Asia

Get the best talent to work for your business by providing your employees a full-time employment using Emerhub as the employer of record.

Test new markets, lower payroll expenses, hire faster in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Find employees in the emerging markets

There are smart people everywhere. Get access to a broader talent pool and leverage the differences in cost of living to set up remote teams at reasonable costs.

“I’ve worked with Emerhub for over a year now – and they’re been one of the most reliable, consistently efficient agency I’ve engaged with (and that’s including biz dev partners I’ve worked with in Singapore and Thailand).”

Tushar Gidwani, Founder, Oats Studio

Hire remote employees without setting up a local company

Provide full-time employment to your remote employees in emerging markets. Emerhub’s in-house payroll teams take care of the employment contracts, tax calculations, and salary disbursements.

“The team of Emerhub handled us professionally with high integrity and their young personnel are very knowledgeable about the rules and regulations. They ask specific questions in order to provide us with the most reasonable, logical and realistic solution abiding the law.”

Nyoman Prabawa, Regional Director of Operations & General Manager at SereS Hotels and Resorts

Build remote teams

A sole remote employee working from their spare bedroom at odd hours is often not the best way to get work done. Instead, build autonomous remote teams in single locations with proper work stations and management. Use our end-to-end solution by finding you the candidates, setting up the office, and managing the monthly compliance. All without having to set up a local company or even having to visit the country.

“Working with Emerhub is always straightforward and problems get quickly solved.”

Sebastian Schlitter, Founder at BAVARINAM

Set up a foreign company

Emerhub provides complete company setup services, starting from advising you on which legal entity type to choose to acquiring all the required permits.

“Highly Recommended! We are pleased working with Emerhub PH. Emerhub has made our start up and maintenance in the Philippines easy, fast, and secure.”

Andro Dizon, Club Sparkle

I have been using employer of record service provided by Emerhub for over a year and am very pleased with their service. Their knowledge about Vietnamese tax and employment requirements for expats helped me tremendously.

San Tran
Campaign Monitor

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