Market Entry Services in South East Asia

Lowering Entry Barriers to Emerging Markets in Asia, and beyond.

Emerhub supports businesses from around the world in setting up and scaling their operations in the vibrant and emerging markets of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and more.

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Empowering your business success in Asia

Set up a company or expand to Asia

Discover opportunities of starting and running a business in Asia.

Manage your company in Asia

Get expert support in managing legal, compliance and taxation for your business in Asia.

Manage product imports to Asia

Import your products to Asia with ease with Emerhub as your Importer of Record

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Your local partner for success in South East Asia

Local Knowledge

With over a decade of presence and offices across SE Asia, Emerhub is perfectly positioned to support your business.

End to End support

Our vast services ensure that all of your business needs in SE are met completely; from starting up, to excelling.

Consultants, not vendors

Every client is unique, which is why Emerhub acts as your consultant to prescribe the best solution to your individual business requirements.

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Our Services

Offering professional services for every stage of your business

From setting up operation to legal compliance, and managing your people, Emerhub ensures that your business reaches success in South East Asia through our consultants.

Company Registration and Support

Register a new company, ensure legal compliance, and much more.

Tax and Compliance

Find, hire and manage your people in South East Asia.

Importer of Record

Get timely custom clearance and import management to help your business succeed.

International Real Estate

Looking for a second home or a property investment in Asia? Look no further!

Our Legacy

Helping companies excel in South-East Asia since 2011

With a global network of 6 offices across 4 countries and territories, Emerhub is built on a legacy of helping businesses success in SE Asia and its emerging markets. 

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Learn more about what is happening in South East Asia, and how you can become a part of the thriving markets within.

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